TRIANGULATION is a digital art based research founded in January 2010 which encourages the dissemination of creative concepts and aesthetics from fields such as Computer Graphics, Internet & Video Art with a high emphasis on abstract and geometric aesthetics as well as on experimental processes and techniques.
TRIANGULATION is constantly looking for the most challenging artworks of modern times, covering an era from early abstract aesthetics and pioneers techniques from experimental video art as well as on computer graphics and video games to the most innovative programming languages developed for the internet where conceptual ideas, digital aesthetics and technology are connected within the popular culture. It also gives an huge importance to emerging and talented young artists working on these visual territories and bringing fresh and dynamic concepts to the digital age.
From the last years this publication has increasingly focused on digital manipulation and the internet, closing its criteria and curation to selected and specific pieces, working closer to their creators in order to bring to the reader firsthand information, experiences and processes about the artwork featured. Also being aware about what is being usually published together with the information is luckly the original artwork such as animated GIFs, JPEGs, PNGs, video or embeding web based pieces, therefore this website brings more freedom and space to show digital and internet based art properly into the publication itself as well as having full page space for selected works.
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To improve the visual experience while watching the artworks over the Journal page there are some keyboard commands that may be useful to you. The arrow keys, left and right are used to visit the previous and next posts respectively or pages if you are outside of a post. — By pressing the " H " key, it toggles the header, footer and the minimalist pagination buttons to have more space and clearer vision focused on the work featured. — The " I " key inverts the background and text colors, doing a dark theme to enjoy videos better or also to check out transparencies on PNG and GIFs based pieces.
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The aim of this website is to encourage the dissemination of creative content related to the field of digital art, which usually is provided by submission or by contacting first the respective authors of the artworks and projects featured here, therefore working under their total agreement. Other times the content is found and published without asking to its author, but always crediting him/her as well as the original source where it was found. Thus if anyone has any objection to see their work published here, and wants to remove it please do get in touch through the general contact form. TRIANGULATION also reserves its right to remove or edit any content.
This website also contains links to other websites that are operated by third parties. TRIANGULATION does not accept any liability over the content of these third party sites. The existence of these links do not constitute an endorsement of such websites, and your linking to these sites is at your own risk.
There are several reasons why you would like to get in touch; collaboration, submission, advertising, please get in touch using the general contact form, by clicking here.